• THE BODHI TREE provides educational support, in the form of remedial classes on a daily basis. at a modest scale. The activities aim to strengthen the delivery of elementary and secondary education particularly with the students enrolled in government schools as well as low-income private schools

  • THE BODHI TREE exposes youth of low-income communities to centers of excellence and provides training and career counseling sessions

  • THE BODHI TREE has also helped a number of students attain success in competitive exams and complete technical courses
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Knowledge Development Program:

At THE BODHI TREE, the central focus is laid on empowering people by providing human-centric supplementary education. THE BODHI TREE addresses the education needs of children, though on a very modest scale, by partnering with government schools and low-income private schools.

We also provide remedial classes led by volunteers to students enrolled in low-income schools as well as classes for various competitive exams such as SSC, IBPS, Railways, and SSB etc. are conducted for needy and low-income students.

Objectives of the Program

Skill Development Program:

In light of the deeply globalized economic world, unskilled educated youth find it very difficult to get jobs. A large number of low-income children do not have access to resources. We enable students to not only connect to various skill development institutions but also provide specialized skill training through youth-led volunteer initiatives.


Career Counselling:

We offer aptitude assessment and counselling related to choice of career for children, who belong to low income communities.



Centre for Inclusive Development (CFID):

  • CFID was set up in the year 2010 in a village known as Sunper, located in Faridabad District within the Delhi NCR and provides structural and research support to the learning centers located at Faridabad and Sangam Vihar.
  •  It was established to aid and accelerate capability building among youth.